One Church

Branding | Logo Design

One Church approached me to work with them on their branding.

I successfully designed their logos, created a design guide, and helped them to develop their visual identity.

Open Hands

Logo Design | Banner & Print Design

Open Hands is a Leicester based charity whose primary purpose is to show compassion, support and care to those in need, to invest hope in and through people, and to empower individuals to work towards a better future.

I worked with them on their branding and designed logos and a pull-up banner for their campaigns.

United YA

Logo Design | Leaflet Design

United YA is a joint movement of Young Adults and students from many different churches across Leicester.

I was contacted to design a new logo for them and to create a leaflet to advertise to incoming freshers the many different churches they could become a part of in Leicester.


Medical Device | 12 months

This is a medical device I worked on whilst at JEB. The device is intended to replace outdated Lockhart Mummery probes to facilitate the deployment of a seton in anal fistulae. I joined the project during the development phase, working to improve the device usability and performance.


University Project | 12 weeks

This project focussed on the conceptual development of a portable ultraviolet light enabled water bottle cleaning and water purification device to address the brief “make a life better.”

Wish device

University Group Project | 10 weeks

Development and planning for market entry of a medical device to meet the brief “design & develop a value added wound dressing.” WISH stands for Wound Infection Sensing Hub. The device was designed specifically to detect surgical site infections in post-operative wounds from abdominal key-hole surgeries using pH and temperature sensors.

Aerial Photography

Whilst living in Germany, I fell in love with the beauty of Bavaria which is where my drone flying adventures began. These are just a few shots from some of the beautiful places I’ve visited across the UK and Europe.

All photos and footage have been taken on a DJI Mini 2. Check out my VSCO page for more!

designed by Sam

Web design | Front end development

This website was designed and developed to be mobile first, and should look great on any device! It was first protoyped using Adobe Xd, then coded in Microsoft Visual Studio Code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

If your own website is in need of an update, get in touch via the contact page - I'd love to help you!